Site Updates

  • November 11th 2004 18:23
  • Laitaine.Net
  • New host. Wallpapers page. 3 wallpapers. 3 icons. 2 fanlistings.

New host
I was getting thoroughly fed up with my old webhost, I was getting more downtime than uptime and was having so many problems, so I have now moved to HostDime.  I'm pleased so far.

I added this new section.  My Orlando Bloom wallpapers are back up; I've also added some pretty landscape photographs, taken on various holidays, resized to fit as a desktop.

1x SG-1
1x Miscellaneous
1x Space

Sam/Jack - picture from Window Of Opportunity, no idea where I got the screen cap from.  Petals - the original picture was of red rose petals on the steps outside San Fransisco town hall.  Space - a solar prominence, no idea where I got the picture from.

+2:  Alan Rickman, Severus Snape.