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  • December 19th 2005 20:40
  • Laitaine.Net
  • New skin. 10 fanlistings.

New skin: Big Damn Heroes - I've been wanting to make an Atlantis skin for ages and now I finally got around to doing so.  All the caps and the quote are from Atlantis 209 Aurora and the caps were by oxoniensis.  The quote 'big damn heroes' is a shameless steal from the Firefly episode Safe.  I've set it as my new default, so if you've never been here before or haven't fiddled with skins then you should see it right now; if not then you can change the skin by clicking here or use the panel in the menu.

10 fanlistings: Ronon Dex, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay (again), SGA 1x17 Letters from Pegasus, SGA 1x08 Conversion, SGA 1x09 Aurora, SG-1 5x14 48 Hours, Charles 'Trip' Tucker III, Malcolm Reed, Chakotay.