Site Updates

  • March 22nd 2006 22:43
  • Laitaine.Net
  • 8 icons. 23 fanlistings.

8 new icons:
6x Formula 1
2x places.

Do not hotlink, steal or manipulate. Feel free to take and use; please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net.

The pictures were taken from the ITV F1 website and various posts on f1_daily.  The Russia pictures were the result of a google image search - I am a bad person and didn't pay attention to where I found them.  The brushes and textures used were by oxoniensis.

23 fanlistings: SG-1 514 48 Hours, Johnny Depp, Lost, Firefly 115 Objects In Space, Firefly 110 Ariel, Malcolm Reynolds, Wash, Jayne Cobb, Simon Tam, Inara Serra, Shepherd Book, Zoe Warren, Serenity, SGA 214 Grace Under Pressure, Joe Flanigan, SGA 204 Duet, Ever After, Galaxy Quest, Back To The Future Trilogy, Astronomy, Mathematics, Cats and Kittens, Michael Buble.