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13x Formula 1
7x Stargate SG-1
2x The Sound of Music
1x Places
1x Miscellaneous.

Do not hotlink, steal or manipulate. Feel free to take and use; please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net.

Notes, Credits & Resources:
#3, #5: pictures came from f1_challenge; 5 won third place in challenge 15.  (3 was made for challenge 13 but I never entered it because I'm a dork.)
#21, #22: caps from som_icons; #21 won third place in challenge 5.
Formula 1: pictures from f1_daily and the ITV F1 website.
Stargate SG-1: caps from Stargate Caps and sam_daily, promo stills from New Atlantis.
Places: Los Gigantes, Tenerife; photograph is my own and can be found at my photo album Pictographic.
Angels: picture found online somewhere, no idea where.
Brushes and textures by oxoniensis, dark_soul_lost and crumblingwalls.


+8:  Stargate Atlantis 2x17 Coup D'Etat, Battlestar Galactica, Hugh Grant, Julie Andrews, Firefly 1x05 Shindig, Maria/Captain (Sound of Music), Jack Daveport, Veronica Mars.