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  • April 25th 2007 23:40
  • Laitaine.Net
  • 10 icons. 6 fanlistings.

10 icons:
7x Stargate Atlantis
2x Stargate SG-1
1x Disney.

Do not hotlink, steal or manipulate. Feel free to take and use; please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net.  Thanks.

All these were entries to various icon contests: Rodney McKay LIMS, Stargate Still, SGA Icontest, McShep Icontest and Disney Hush.

The first icon won first place in McShep Icontest #50.

6 fanlistings: Lewis Hamilton, Europe, Star Trek DS9 5x06 Trials and Tribble-ations, England, Josh Lyman, United Kingdom.