Site Updates

  • October 18th 2004 18:22
  • Laitaine.Net
  • Housekeeping. New links. 2 fanlistings. 4 icons.

Change of page layout, fandoms have separate pages.  Also a new J/C drabble, The Invitation.

Mostly real life things, university, my college, stuff like that.

+2:  Orlando Bloom and Left My Heart by Emma Grant.

1x X-Files
2x Dragons
1x Viggo Mortensen

Do not hotlink, steal or manipulate. Feel free to take and use; please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net.

The X-Files screen cap and quote from 7x04 Millennium - I have no idea where I got the picture from.  The two dragon icons were made especially for a friend, please do not use them.  Viggo, because I love that picture so much, again no idea where I found the picture.