Fluffy Bunny

by Laitaine

Disclaimer: Andromeda and all recognisable characters and places are Tribune's toys in Tribune's playground.  No infringement on trademarks and copyrights was intended.  This was written purely for entertainment and not for monetary gain.  Do not archive without permission and keep my name attached at all times.
Summary: Dylan faces death.
Rating: PG
Content: Rommie/Dylan, Humour
Author's Notes: Written in a response to a five minute challenge to begin with the line: I am dead. The inevitable cannot be changed..
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Copyright © Laitaine 27th August 2002

I am dead.  The inevitable cannot be changed.

It could have been avoided.  I could have prevented it from happening.  It's all my fault.

But I simply couldn't resist it.

I wonder what methods she will employ to kill me.  Being a warship, she's really quite skilled in the tactics required for that sort of thing.  She could cut off life support in my immediate area.  Or flood the area with toxic gases and "accidentally" forget to turn on the ventilation systems.  Or she could cause an overload in one of her systems, an overload that just happened to be in the panel I am standing by, an overload that will prove to be fatal when it hits me.

And, being a warship, she knows exactly where I am.  At all times.  So I can't very well go and hide somewhere.  I can't mask my bio signs from her.

The worse part of this is the waiting.  Waiting for her to exact her retribution.  She'll surely have discovered what I've done by now.  But she's drawing it out.  Making me wait.  Making me nervous.

She really will kill me, as many times as she possibly can, no doubt.

In hindsight, the beautiful thing that it is, I suppose I really shouldn't have altered her image parameters.  I just wanted to see her in something other than a Commonwealth uniform.  Is that really to much to ask?  With a beautiful figure like that, she deserves something better than a uniform.

Although perhaps white fluffy bunny suit, complete with fluffy feet and fluffy ears, wasn't the way to go.

I'll bet she looks cute though.

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