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Summary: The temperature rises and everyone loses their inhibitions. A response to the samandjack Shirtless challenge.
Rating: PG-13
Content: Sam/Jack
Author's Notes: Thanks to Tiffany for the beta.
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Copyright © Laitaine March 1999

P4C474 was, well, boring in Jack's opinion.  There were no 'exciting' artefacts to look at, and hence, no reason to tease Daniel.  There were no natives to try and communicate with.  He looked around again, for the tenth time in the hour that they had been there.

"This is boring, and kinda ugly!" he remarked wanting to say something hurtful to release his boredom and anger at there being nothing on the planet.

Without realising it Jack had been looking at Sam when he said this.  Sam was tempted to pretend to be hurt and retort, but, as usual, she bit her tongue and kept quiet.  She wasn't sure quite how Jack, or for that matter Daniel and Teal'c, would react to the flirtatious remark she had in mind.  Actually, she doubted Jack would mind, just perhaps not on duty.

Three hours after they had arrived on the planet, SG-1 were returning to the Stargate.

"Well, I'll be glad to leave this boring, ugly little planet!" Jack remarked, looking again at Sam without realising it.

Totally ignoring the usual thought processes that stopped her from retorting, Sam replied.  "I'm hurt, Sir."

"What?" he asked.

"You said that this planet was boring," she smiled at him, "And ugly."  The smile widened.

All heads turned to her in amazement.

Daniel, eager to pacify, was about to speak up, but Jack beat him to it.

"Are you feeling alright, Carter," he asked, puzzled by her out of character reply.

"I'm feeling just fine, Sir," she purred.

"You're ill, Carter," Jack told her.

"I feel fine, but I wouldn't argue if you'd look after me until I feel better," she stated softly.

When Jack tried to ignore her and keep walking she sidled up beside him.  "Jack," she cooed in his ear.  "Why are you ignoring me?"

He began to walk faster.  Sam caught up with him.

"Jack," she purred again.

When he continued to walk, without acknowledging her, she stopped and pouted.

Daniel, who had been trying to ignore the little 'conversation' that his two friends had been having, stopped and turned to face Sam.  "Come on Sam," he said as the others stopped as well.

"No!  Jack is the one that is ignoring me.  I won't move until he tells me if he'd look after me if I was ill!" she stated.

The temperature had been rising steadily since they had arrived at the planet and was now almost at its zenith.  "But seeing as we're all stopped I think I'll remove a layer, I'm getting a bit hot!" Sam told them as she took off her jacket slowly, never taking her eyes off Jack.

Jack knew she was trying to be seductive, although he didn't know why, and tried not to encourage her, but God knows he wanted to.  He hoped he was being successful at hiding his feelings.  He doubted that any of them knew just how alluring he found her.

Sam giggled when Jack turned away.  "Always the gentleman aren't we, Jack!" she teased him, although, Jack noticed, she sounded a bit annoyed with that fact.

Sam started to follow him again and so Daniel and Teal'c started walking too.

"Jack!" Sam called out.  "Wait for me!"

When Jack carried on walking, she stopped again.  Not again, Jack thought.  He stopped so that they could get home quicker, and have Sam treated.

Sam bounded up to him.  "Thank you Jack," she said happily.  Like a small child Jack thought.  Well, at least it's not a 'boring' planet anymore.

When the Stargate came into view, Jack realised that he had never been so glad to see it in all his life.

Suddenly, the usually quiet-and-rather-reserved Daniel shouted out "Race you to the gate!" and he shot past Jack and Sam, who had remained at Jack's side.

Sam suddenly started running too.  Bye, Sam, Jack thought.

When he and Teal'c reached the gate Sam grinned at him.  "I won!" she said proudly, then she stuck her tongue out at Daniel.

Daniel replied in kind.

Throughout their trudge back to the gate Jack had been thinking about Sam's condition and had come to a semi-conclusion if there was such a thing.  He had decided that there was something that had removed their inhibitions and was making them behave like children.

He had obviously been expected to make a comment, because Sam looked annoyed with him.  When he looked up, she stuck her tongue out at him, as she had done to Daniel, moments before.

Jack could feel his control slipping away, despite his efforts to regain it.  "Maybe later, Sam," he told her.

"I intend to collect," Sam purred with a sexy smile.  She was very hot after the run and from the sun; she peeled off her T-shirt revealing the rather tight tank top she was wearing underneath.  No, Jack decided, tight didn't even come into it!

Jack suddenly noticed the heat and decided that removing his jacket didn't seem such a bad idea, although, he told himself, it was just the sun.

He laughed silently at himself.  Yeah, right!

Teal'c had noticed the strange behaviour of all three of his colleagues and decided it would perhaps be wisest if he dialled home.  So he did.

The wormhole was activated and they all went through, with a little persuading.

When they reached the other side of the wormhole General Hammond was there to greet them.

He was about to ask them how the mission had gone when Jack hit Sam lightly on the arm and ran off.  "You're it!" he yelled.

Sam turned and hit Daniel repeating Jack's words as she bolted from the room.

Hammond looked at Teal'c, his eyes 'requesting' an explanation.

"They appear to be behaving like children, General Hammond," Teal'c stated passively.


"I am uncertain.  However, Captain Carter was the first to be affected, the Daniel Jackson, then O'Neill."

Hammond called some security officers over and he ordered them to find the three errant officers and deliver them to Doctor Fraiser.

Some time later, after promises of ice cream and cookies, Sam, Jack and Daniel sat in the Infirmary with Teal'c, who had started exhibiting signs of childish behaviour.

Doctor Fraiser was finding it difficult to get sensible, useful answers out of them and it was even more difficult to examine them to find out what it was, how to treat it and whether it was contagious.

She suspected that they were still very clever, but they had lost their inhibitions and were acting very young.  She could have given Sam a problem to do and she would be able to solve it.  The only problem would be getting her to do the problem, instead of 'playing' and losing interest.

She found it quite endearing in Teal'c, who was perplexed by the actions of the others.  He had learned how to interact with adults, but interacting with children had never been necessary.

Sam yawned and stretched her arms above her head and Jack suddenly became aware that she hadn't replaced the T-shirt or the jacket.  He gulped.

The doctor noticed his reaction and it confirmed her suspicions.  They were still adults underneath.  It also confirmed something else she had been thinking, there was something between Sam and Jack, and wasn't just on Jack's side she was sure.

Sam grinned when she noticed Jack looking at her, trying to stop her from noticing that he was looking at her.  She giggled.

"What's so funny?" Daniel asked.

"I'm not going to tell you!" Sam said.

"I know what she was laughing at!" Janet declared with a grin.  "And I'm not going to tell you either.  So ha, ha, ha!"

One of the medics, a Lieutenant Talarmis, noticed the doctor's reaction.  "Ensign," he ordered one of the security guards standing at the door as a precaution.  "Go and fetch General Hammond."

When General Hammond arrived he knew immediately why he had been summoned.  It was evident that Janet had been affected, so it was obviously contagious.

Talarmis informed the General of the situation.  "I think," he told the General, "That women are affected first but that everyone will be affected."

"How did you come to that conclusion?" Hammond asked, he wanted to know to be sure.

"Well, Sir, Teal'c said that Captain Carter was the first to be affected, but they all were affected soon after, and now Doctor Fraiser was the first to be affected of those of us who didn't go on the mission, so I can only assume that we will all be affected.  But that the women will go first."

Hammond was not pleased with the conclusion, but was satisfied with the answer.  "Well, Lieutenant, keep working to see if you can find an antidote or a cure to whatever has caused this."  He then turned to the security guards at the door.  "I want the two of you to enlist some help and escort everyone affected to the Comissary so they can all be kept in one place.  Dismissed."

He pulled at his collar, "And get someone to have a look at the air conditioning controls, it's getting awfully hot."

Talarmis ordered someone to get fresh uniforms for the members of SG-1.  They changed surprisingly quickly and were then taken to the Comissary.

Not soon after some more people were brought in, making them eleven in number.

The temperature, like the number of people occupying the room, was rising steadily.  Jack soon became hot and took off his jacket.  He then offered Sam if she would like him to help here remove her jacket, which Sam gratefully accepted.

Not to be out done Daniel and Teal'c stepped to Janet's side and asked her if she would like her jacket taken off, and because there was only one jacket but two men, Daniel helped her off with her jacket and Teal'c 'kindly' offered his assistance by removing her T-shirt.

Ensign Sarah Miller, a security guard under normal circumstances, requested the help of three fellow officers who removed her jacket and her T-shirt and then her trousers, leaving her in shorts and a tank top.

Jack noted idly that her tank top wasn't as tight as Sam's and then wondered if he could coax Sam into the same state of undress as Ensign Miller.

Just then more people were brought in.

Lieutenant Martin Kallit had been sent to see to the air conditioning system.  He found that it was broken.

He went to report to General Hammond and found a member of security already there.

"The air conditioning system is broken, Sir," he reported.

The security guard spoke up then.  "That's where Captain Carter was found, Sir," he said. "It could have been her."

"Very well, Lieutenant Kallit, fix it.  Dismissed," he ordered, and he continued talking to the security officer.

Jack had been thinking, and he decided that if he ignored Sam and looked at Sarah Miller, like most of the other men, then Sam would remove her T-shirt.

Sam noticed the attention that he had bestowed on Ensign Miller and so she set about getting his attention.

At first she shifted in the chair beside him seeing if just movement would make him look at her.  It didn't work.

She looked at him and noticed that he was hot so she decide that she would extend the same courtesy that he had shown to her earlier.

She put her hands on his shoulders and ran her fingers slowly down his back, then into the waistband of his pants untucking his shirt.  She pulled it up slowly up his chest and over his head.  Sitting behind him she couldn't see the smile on his face.

She put her lips close to his ear.  "You looked hot," she purred, "Is that better?"

Jack nodded; it was all he was capable of doing because the warmth of her body so near to his skin was distracting.

Sam sat back down to find that she still did not have Jack's attention.

Her mind started scheming again.  She had an idea.

She got up slowly and then sat back down, on Jack's lap.  She shifted slightly on his lap, sending Jack crazy inside.  Then she turned her face to his and placed her hands on either side of his face.  She touched her lips to his softly.

There, she thought.  That should do it.  She got up and sat down in her own seat, again.

Jack was still ignoring her, and she was hot.  She slouched in the chair.  He's not worth it!  She tried to convince herself, as she peeled off her shirt slowly, and without realising it, very sensually.

Jack turned to her and smiled, it was a start.

Pleased to have his attention back, Sam beamed back at him.

Suddenly Sam found that she had not only Jack's attention, but also the attention of the entire room.  It appeared that her plan had worked a little too well.  And she was pleased to see that Jack looked jealous and angry.

"You fight 'em off, Jack!" she teased him.

Jack started to get up but she held him back.  He picked up her jacket and slipped it over her shoulders, annoyed that his plan had backfired.  Sam however, was having none of it.  She shrugged the jacket off her shoulders and threw it away.  "I'm too hot!"

Another person was brought into the room and the officer noticed that the atmosphere was a bit tense, and that Colonel O'Neill looked far from happy.  On account of the fact that Colonel O'Neill could not always keep his fists under control when there was nothing interfering, he decided to tell the General.

General Hammond, as yet unaffected, ordered all affected to be moved to their quarters and locked in them, so as they did not get out and break any equipment, like Carter had broken the air conditioning system.  They were all to be locked up separately.

When the officer returned to take everyone to their respective quarters and ensure that they didn't wander off on the way, he noticed that there were a lot of people in there and he took a quick head count.  All were there except for three: himself, General Hammond and Lieutenant Martin Kallit.

All the male members of the base were down to shorts - and that was it.  The female members of the crew were down to shorts and tank tops only.  Everybody was shirtless!

He couldn't help but notice that Captain Carter's top was particularly tight.  Hell, he'd have to be dead not to notice, and he suspected that that was why everyone looked afraid of the Colonel.

When Jack shot him a look telling him to get his eyes off Sam, he discovered that he was very correct in his assumption and he complied quickly and took the first few people to their quarters.

The last people he had to take to quarters were SG-1.  He had seen General Hammond wandering about and had taken him to his quarters and so now it was only himself and Lieutenant Kallit unaffected.  He put Daniel Jackson into his quarters and locked the door and then Teal'c.

Sam waved goodnight to Teal'c, which made the officer laugh.  Now it was only Lieutenant Kallit unaffected.  The officer looked at Sam, and smiled at her, his control gone.  Jack punched him and he scurried off.

"We're meant to go to our quarters," Sam purred, looking Jack in the eye.  "I think we ought to obey orders, don't you."

Yep, Jack decided, he liked this side of Sam.

"Your quarters or mine?" he asked her, smiling at her with that damned sexy smile of his.

Sam's blood began to heat up.  "Mine are closer."

They walked to her quarters, fast.

When Sam woke up, she was aware of a warm body next to hers.  A muscled body next to hers.  She glanced around the room and saw that there were two pairs of shorts and underwear and her tank top and bra on the floor, but nothing else.  Must be outside, she mused.

Then her memories came flooding back to her.  She was definitely not under the affects of whatever it was that had caused her actions the previous day anymore, which meant that Jack would not be when he woke up either.  Oh dear!  She thought.

Mercifully, Jack was still asleep, so she had some time to think about what had happened.  He shifted beside her so that he was lying on his back.  She admired his chest as it rose and fell with his steady breathing.

She sat and watched him sleep for a long time, until he slowly opened his eyes.

"Captain," he spoke questioningly.  "What are you doing in my quarters?"

He then became aware of what Sam was wearing, or more to the point, not wearing.  Then he looked around the room.

"These aren't my quarters are they?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"Uh, no," Sam said hesitantly.

She studied his face as recollection hit him.  "No, they're not. Um...."

Sam smiled shyly in spite of herself.  A tongue-tied Colonel was a rare sight.

"We should maybe, uh, go and see if anyone else is awake," he suggested.

"Yeah, good idea.  Yeah," Sam agreed.

"So, General," Janet finished, summarising what had happened.  "Sleep wore off whatever it was."

"Why was Lieutenant Kallit not affected?" Hammond asked.

"I don't know, Sir, but I'm glad he wasn't or we would all have suffered badly from the heat.  All I can guess is that he didn't interact much with anyone affected."

"Very well," Hammond said.  "Dismissed."

Jack caught up with Sam as they left.  "Can I, uh, talk to you?" he asked quietly.

"Sure," Sam answered.  "Where?"

"My quarters?" he suggested.

"Sure," Sam acquiesced.

They walked to his quarters in silence.

When they arrived, Jack led Sam inside and they sat on the bed.

Unsure of how to say what he wanted to say, Jack remained silent for a few minutes longer until Sam broke the stillness.

"What did you want to talk about, Jack?" she asked.

"Well, um, what happened last night.  It wasn't really us, right?  And, I mean, we weren't really in control of our actions, right?"

Sam nodded slowly, relieved but disappointed at what Jack had said.

Jack wasn't done, however.  "But..."

"But," Sam prompted.

"But that doesn't mean it can't happen again, right?" he asked softly.

Sam smiled a brilliant smile.  "I don't see why not."

Jack smiled back at her, equalling her smile with a sexy smile of his own.

Slowly his lips descended on hers.  Jack had intended the kiss to be quick and soft, but Sam had other ideas.  She coaxed his lips open and slipped her tongue inside his mouth.

As far as Sam was concerned, this could happen again frequently.

Soon they both found themselves shirtless again.

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