by Laitaine

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Summary: Kathryn has had a hard day and Chakotay helps her to relax.
Rating: PG
Content: Janeway/Chakotay
Author's Notes: This was my first Voyager fic.
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Copyright © Laitaine 26th February 1999

Kathryn Janeway had had a really long day.  She had got up very early to speak to the First Minister of the Relari, who had been a constant nuisance throughout the day; he insisted on planning every second of their forth-coming visit to Relarius precisely.  All Kathryn had asked the First Minister was if they would be allowed to have some shore leave on the planet.  The preparations had been tedious, and entirely unnecessary in Kathryn's eyes, and the First Minister was a boring old man who was efficiency itself and had no sense of humour.

She was tense, her shoulders ached and her neck was stiff.  She took a sip of much needed coffee and savoured the taste.  She looked at the tall pile of reports she had read, cheered slightly at the fact that she had read a lot, but then saw the even bigger pile of unread reports. She sighed and rubbed the back of her neck.

The door chime rang.

"Enter," she called out.

Chakotay entered and smiled at her, his dimples making Kathryn's heart skip a beat.

"I thought I might find you here," he told her.

"Well, you've found me," she said.

"Have you had dinner?" he asked her.  Kathryn debated on whether to lie or tell the truth.  She did neither, but simply looked up at him.

"No," Chakotay answered his own question.  "You need to eat something," he told her, "I'll bet you had no lunch either!"

"How much will you bet?" Kathryn asked.

"Ten replicator rations," Chakotay stated.

Kathryn smiled, and her smile had the same effect on Chakotay as his had had on her a few moments earlier.  "Ha! I did have lunch, a big lunch actually, hence the reason I'm not hungry now!" she told him smugly.

Chakotay didn't look convinced.

"Ask Neelix!" she said.

"Okay!" Chakotay said, smiling reluctantly.  The look on Chakotay's face turned into one of curiosity.  "You never have lunch, why did you have lunch?"

"It was the only excuse I could think of to leave the First Minister for a reasonable about of time before I lost my sanity!" Kathryn stated.  Chakotay laughed, he knew Kathryn's opinion of the First Minister.

"It's not funny!" Kathryn protested, but she couldn't keep herself from laughing.

"Then why are you laughing?"

"I don't know!"

Kathryn's hands went to rub her neck again. This did not go unnoticed by Chakotay.  He went to stand behind her, placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage the knots he found there.  Kathryn moaned softly under his ministrations, and didn't stop him like she had done on New Earth.  He smiled as she relaxed under his hands.

After a few minutes she rose and turned to him. *Oh, damn!* he thought, *She's going to do it again!*

"Thank you!" Kathryn said softly, but she didn't turn away.  Instead she moved closer towards him and touched her lips to his.

Chakotay responded eagerly and the kiss deepened.  They broke apart for oxygen.

"Kathryn..." Chakotay started breathlessly.

"Thank you," Kathryn replied.

"That's a thank you!" Chakotay exclaimed.

Kathryn nodded.  "Would you like to continue this conversation in my quarters?" Kathryn asked, already knowing the answer.

Chakotay nodded dumbly.  He didn't know what to say.  First Kathryn kisses him and then she invites him to her quarters.  He grinned.

Kathryn smiled back at him as they left.

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