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Summary: Kathryn and Chakotay go Mexican for the evening.
Rating: PG-15
Content: Janeway/Chakotay
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Chakotay stared at the small piece of paper in his hand, re-reading it once again as he prepared to leave his quarters.

It read:

1900 hours.  Tonight.  My quarters.
Wear the hat and a smile.

Although unsigned, Chakotay knew exactly who the note was from.  It was typically Kathryn, yet at the same time it wasn't.  It was certainly the first time he'd been 'summoned' in such a manner, but it didn't surprise him.

The note had been accompanied by a large sombrero, which Chakotay was now fingering; debating whether to carry the item or wear it - since, he surmised, it would look more than a little odd.  He wondered how Kathryn had gotten the large hat into his quarters unnoticed by either crew in the corridors, or transporter logs - he had checked; there was no trace.  He decided he didn't actually want to know; not if Kathryn was involved.  He dreaded to think how she'd done it.

Chakotay set the note down on his desk and looked at the large sombrero in his hands.  He settled for carrying the hat, deciding that he'd look slightly less of an idiot to anyone he met in the corridors that way, but only slightly; then he left the room, checking that the corridor was empty before stepping outside.

Chakotay stood outside Kathryn's quarters a few moments later, thankfully having met no one on the short journey, waiting for her to let him in.  He glanced quickly down the corridor to both sides to check no one was coming and, upon seeing it was all clear, put the wide-brimmed hat on his head.

The doors slid open in front of him and he stepped inside, just clearing the door sensor so that they closed behind him again.  Kathryn smiled when she saw him.  Despite what Chakotay had thought, he looked the exact opposite from odd and idiotic.  Had Kathryn been asked for a phrase she would have chosen 'gorgeous'.  'Sex god', also sprang to mind, as did 'delicious', 'stunning' and 'sexy'.

Kathryn was sitting in a dining chair facing the door, her arms resting casually on the arms of the chair, her hands dangling from the ends, and her legs were neatly crossed.  The skirt of her low-cut, strappy black dress flowing smoothly over her upper legs, stopping about 5 centimetres above her knees.

The dining table was simply covered; a vase of vibrant red flowers stood in the middle, and nearby were two dishes; a larger one filled with tacos, and a smaller one containing a spicy salsa dip.  There were no glasses, no water-jug or bottle of wine, no plates, no cutlery, no napkins and no candles.  Chakotay got the impression that Kathryn wasn't planning on eating at the table tonight.  He grinned widely.

Kathryn rose seductively to her feet, her hands smoothing her skirt down over her thighs.  Chakotay's breath caught in his throat as he watched her hands slide over the smooth contours of her body.  She had a sexy smile on her face and Chakotay loved that she was doing it for him.  Chakotay was now standing next to her, and she kissed him deeply, lovingly; her free hand grasping the back of his neck and pulling him closer to her, his hands slipping behind her, one encircling her waist, the other cupping her bottom.

Pulling back, Kathryn picked up a taco from the bowl on the dining table, and then dipped it into the tub of salsa dip.  She fed the taco to Chakotay as he struggled to catch his breath.  "I thought we'd go Mexican tonight," she told him huskily as she helped herself to a taco and salsa.  She ran her tongue slowly around the rim, licking off the spicy dip, staring at Chakotay all the while with a quirky, sexy smile on her lips, and a playful expression in her eyes.  Chakotay's heart skipped a few beats then quickened, and he felt his body harden in response; my, she was in a wickedly good mood this evening.

Then she picked up the pot of salsa sauce, her eyes dark with desire and full of mischief, leaving Chakotay with no doubt as to what she intended to do with the dip, and watched a broad smile spread across his face.  His hand moved upwards, intending to gallantly sweep the hat off and throw it across the room, but Kathryn reached out to stop it.

"You can leave your sombrero on," she purred, a mischievous glint in her wide blue eyes as she planted a passionate kiss on his lips and then dragged him into the bedroom.

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