SG-1 Drabbles

by Laitaine

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Summary: My collection of Stargate SG-1 drabbles.
Rating: PG
Content: Sam/Jack, Gen
Author's Notes: A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, excluding the title. Considering the size it seemed rather silly to have all my drabbles archived separately and so I have collected them here.
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- A Normal Life - Just One Kiss - Empty Locker Room -

A Normal Life

Daniel Jackson noted that Sam Carter looked very weary as she sank down into a chair.

"Sorry I'm late, General," she apologised.  "Colonel O'Neill wouldn't let me leave the infirmary."

"Just what happened, Major?" Hammond asked.

"We were walking back to the 'Gate through a forest.  Colonel O'Neill was bitten by a flying insect...."  She was interrupted as Jack burst through the door, closely followed by an angry-looking Doctor Frasier.

"Sammie, you left!" Jack exclaimed, moving to hug Sam's legs.

Sam sighed and wondered, not for the first time, what it would be like to have a normal life.

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Just One Kiss

Sam watched in amazement as she kissed Jack.  Only it wasn't her.  It was the Samantha Carter from the other reality, a Doctor not a Major.  Samantha was kissing her Jack.

HER Jack.  She suddenly realised that she was jealous; jealous of Samantha for kissing him and having the opportunity to kiss Jack when she herself couldn't.  The situation was confusing, even for Sam, but in a sudden moment of clarity she realised that she loved Jack O'Neill.

All it took was just one kiss to make her realise that she loved her CO; she was in love with Jack.

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Empty Locker Room

Sam sidled up behind Jack, enveloping him in her arms.  "Hello, Sir," she purred huskily.

Jack turned in her embrace and wrapped his arms around her waist.  "Fancy meeting you here," he remarked with feigned surprise, looking around the empty locker room.

Sam raised her head to his and their lips met in a kiss of all-consuming passion and love.

"I love you, Jack," Sam whispered....


"Sir.  Colonel.  Colonel O'Neill.  Jack.  Sir."  Sam shook Jack awake.

Jack opened his eyes and smiled sexily up at Sam.

"Sir, you forgot to set your alarm.  The General's pissed.  We brief in 10."

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