The Memory Burns...

by Laitaine

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Summary: Rommie remembers.
Rating: NC-17
Content: Rommie/Dylan
Author's Notes: Many thanks to Kate, Laheara and SuLu for betaing for me, I appreciate it; and to Coral for answering all my random questions.
This was my response to a challenge issued to start a story with the phrase The memory burns....
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Copyright © Laitaine 9th September 2002

The memory burns....

My skin can still remember the touch of your hands, soft and gentle as they explored.  The pads of your thumbs smoothing over my cheeks as your hands cupped my face, running down the column of my neck and along my shoulders.  For a brief moment contact was lost as your thumbs encountered the straps of my uniform, but soon enough the gentle pressure returned, joined now by fingertips to run down my arms.

And then back up again to the base of my neck where the path changed and your thumbs traced a trail of fire along the neckline of my uniform; your fingers unconsciously skimming the sides of my breasts and sending ripples of pleasure flooding through me at the contact.

Slowly you unbuttoned my uniform top, your eyes caressing my skin while your fingers deftly dealt with the clasps.  Fingers trailed lightly up my sides, a whisper of a touch and then pushed my top down my arms where it fell to the floor.

Then your hands found my breasts, your thumbs brushing over hardened nipples, rubbing through the material of my bra, teasing, playing, flicking, pinching; arousing me.

A low moan escaped from my throat; an answering smile lit up your features as you moved your hands once more.  Fingers tracing the skin at the edge of my bra, moving around to my back to release the clasp.  Your hands moved up to slip the straps from my shoulders; and your mouth began a sweet assault upon my breasts.

Another moan escaped as your mouth worked its magic upon one soft mound and your fingers once again found its mate, the fingers of the other hand drawing lazy circles where they rested on my hip.

It was too much, my knees began to buckle beneath me and I reached out to grab your shoulder to steady myself.

I love this body of mine, so human, so wonderful; and the sensations you send cascading through me at your touch.

Your hands trailed, one up, one down, my sides as they swapped positions and your mouth moved to my other breast to lavish upon it the same attention.  Waves of fire swept through me, centring between my legs at your relentless assault.

The memory burns....

You pulled away and I whimpered, craving the touch of your hands, the warm, moist heat of your mouth on my skin.  But then your mouth covered mine and all was forgiven as your tongue duelled with mine in a heated kiss; a demanding, but desperate kiss.

I was vaguely aware of your hands grasping my hips and lifting me from the ground.  My arms instinctively moved to wrap tightly around your neck; my legs around your waist.  I could feel your erection pressing against me as you carried me through to the bedroom.

You stopped and my legs relaxed their embrace so that I stood once again.  My hands moved to the hem of your uniform t-shirt, lips parting for a fraction of a second so that I could pull it up over your head.  Now my hands were free to roam over your heated skin, to explore, to tease, just as you had done to me.

You grabbed my hands to still them, your fingers encircling my wrists, and we broke apart.  Your eyes glowed brightly, clouded with passion and desire.  You brought my arms up above my head, tracing down, down, down, past elbows, shoulders, breasts, sides, to my hips.  Their path was momentarily interrupted as you moved to unfasten my pants, but was quickly resumed, moving down over my hips, my thighs, my calves, pushing my pants down with them.  Crouched in front of me, you removed my boots and my socks and then tugged off my pants, leaving me wearing panties and a smile.  I reached out for you, my hands running through your golden hair and you leaned into my touch.

A mischievous smile slid across your face, the only warning I got before you pushed me backwards onto the bed, my fingers sliding from your hair.  The cool, crisp sheets wonderful against hot, sensitive skin.  I watched, propped up on one elbow as you removed your own pants, shuddering in delicious anticipation of what was to come.

I took your hand and tugged you over to lie beside me, rolling over to straddle your hips.  I planted a hard kiss on your mouth before starting to trail a path down your neck, alternating soft kisses with little nips that surely left a mark.

My hands travelled over your chest, enjoying the feel of solid muscle moving under smooth skin.  A groan passed your open lips, you hands moving to thread through my hair.

I worked my way down your body with my mouth, worshipping every inch of flesh, tasting and biting, feeling and loving.  My tongue circled your navel before dipping inside.  Your hands tightened their hold on my hair and so I did it again before continuing on down.

My hands found the waistband of your briefs - easing them gently over your glorious erection, and then down your legs - before casting them aside forgotten.

Your hands moved to grasp my upper arms, and using hips and thighs; you flipped me over onto my back, reversing our positions.

The memory burns....

One hand found my centre, the other resting on my stomach.  You began to rub me through the material of my panties, arousing me further.

"Dylan...."  The strangled cry was torn from my throat at the feelings your touch produced, and you seemed to understand.

You swiftly removed my panties, your fingers now rubbing my slick wet folds, moving over my entrance, teasing but never entering.

"Dylan, please."  My voice was low and husky.  Aroused.  Pleading.

You relented, one finger slipping inside, then another.  My stomach coiled tighter and tighter as you moved your fingers in and out and in and out.  And then your thumb found the tiny bundle of nerves hidden in the folds and it was all I could do not to give in to the sensations you provoked.

"Now."  The word was barely formed, almost a sigh, but you heeded to it.  You withdrew your fingers from my centre and I whimpered at the loss of contact.

A moan escaped my lips a moment later as you positioned yourself at my entrance.  Your eyes locked with mine, burning into mine; your hair tickling my cheeks where the tips brushed my skin.

You entered me with maddening slowness, I tried to buck my hips up to yours but you pulled back rendering my move unsuccessful.  My eyes pleaded with you to end this sweet torture; yours smiled back at me, tempered by love.

Inside me to the hilt, you stilled; and I savoured the feel of you, filling my senses.  You pulled out again and then thrust back in with a groan, coaxing a gasp of delight from my kiss-swollen lips.  I matched your pace thrust for thrust, your hips grinding into mine, the tempo becoming faster and more erratic until, with one last plunge, you buried yourself in me.  You surrendered your tenuous hold on your control crying my name, bringing me with you over the edge.


Waves and waves of pleasure crashed over me as I gave in to sweet release, uncoiling the tension in my belly.  Your name was torn from my lips.

The memory burns....

You collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, and pressed a small kiss on my mouth.  You rolled onto your side, bringing me with you so.  One hand came up to push my hair off my face and then cupped my jaw with that thumb rubbing over my cheek so very tenderly.

You slipped out of me and claimed my lips once more, this kiss gentle and tender, the urgency gone.  Communicating what words could not say.

You groped for the covers and pulled them up to cover us, and then moved onto your back.  I lay nestled in the circle of your arm; one arm flung across your chest, your hand lightly gripping my upper arm.  The other arm lay on your shoulder, your hand resting on the small of my back.

You dropped a kiss on my forehead.  "I love you, Rommie."  Your voice was not much more than a whisper.

"Love you, too," I replied, my own voice hushed and low and sleepy.

And that's where my memory leaves me, as my eyes fluttered closed and I surrendered to sleep.

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