Voyager Drabbles

by Laitaine

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Summary: My collection of Voyager drabbles.
Rating: PG-13
Content: Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres
Author's Notes: A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, excluding the title. Considering the size it seemed rather silly to have all my drabbles archived separately and so I have collected them here.
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- Indeclinable Offer - Long Day - Lady In Red - Silent Observations - Hobby - I Love You -

The Invitation

Calm and collected, but inside my mind was screaming, over and over and over.

"Captain?"  Tom laid a gentle hand on mine.  "Kathryn? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine."  I forced a smile to my face and hoped it looked at least a little bit genuine.  "Why shouldn't I be?"

Tom cocked an eyebrow at me but said nothing.

"I'll be fine, Tom."  I sighed.


"I have to be fine," I whispered finally.

He takes the wedding invitation from my hands and then pulls me into his arms.

Annika and Chakotay request the pleasure of your company at their wedding....

Top / © 8th October 2004


She stands by the lagoon, unaware of my presence.  I am captivated; she is so beautiful.

She slowly unties the knot of her sarong and lets it fall to the ground.  The blouse she wears follows soon after, revealing a simple, one-piece bathing suit.  The low-cut neckline tantalises, and the high-cut leg shows off her shapely legs.

She reaches up to release her hair from its loose constraints and she shakes it free.  Beautiful.

A soft smile graces her face.  "Enjoying the view, my love," she calls out to me.

I leave my sanctuary and join her.  I smile.  "Beautiful."

Top / © 23rd February 2002


Chakotay swallowed nervously as he approached Kathryn's quarters.  Judging by the sounds emerging from her quarters, she was not happy, and the thought filled him with fear and dread.  Cautiously he rang her door chime, preparing to run for his life, just in case.

"Come in," the angry yell came from inside and the doors slid open.

Chakotay entered very warily to find Kathryn standing in front of her replicator; a compression phaser rifle set to the highest setting in her hands, levelled to the offensive unit.

"Kathryn?!" Chakotay exclaimed.

Kathryn's voice was cold as ice.  "It gave me decaf."

Top / © 14th October 2001

Happy New Year


Two lovers' eyes meet as they dance in each other's arms.


They move closer together.  Their dancing slows to gentle sway.  The music plays on.


They drown in each other's gaze and their faces become nearer, drawn by an invisible force.


Their lips meet in a soft, tender kiss of love and affection.


The kiss deepens, arms move around necks and waists and tongues slip into mouths as two lovers end the year in a passionate kiss.

Happy New Year!

Streamers and fireworks go unnoticed as two lovers begin a new year expressing their love.

Top / © 31st December 1999

Distraction - Kathryn

He's sitting next to me, close but not untouchable.  I shift in my seat trying to keep my concentration on the report in my hand.  I've been 'reading' it for the last 20 minutes but I couldn't tell you what it's about.

His nearness is driving me crazy; I just want to grab him and kiss him and run my fingers through his hair and over his body.

It would be so easy to just reach out and touch him.

He smiles and flashes those damn dimples.

I rise.  "I'll be in my ready room.  Commander, you have the bridge."

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Distraction - Chakotay

She's sitting next to me, close but untouchable.  She's been reading that report for 20 minutes, she's been on that same page for 5 minutes and I know she hasn't taken in the information it contains.

Her closeness is distracting.  Her hair, her lips, her hands, her scent...

She shifts, further drawing my attention to her.  I smile, knowing that I'm distracting her too.  Out of the corner of my eye I see her look at me.  She notices my smile.

Suddenly she rises.  "I'll be in my ready room.  Commander, you have the bridge."

She leaves.  It's probably best.

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Indeclinable Offer

*Breep boop*

"Come in," Kathryn called out without looking up from the padd she was reading.

She had much to read and do - she had totally skipped lunch as a result, she hadn't even had a cup of coffee since 0900 and it was now 1700.

Chakotay entered with a smile.


It was only then that Kathryn looked up.  Kathryn was glad that she had when she saw Chakotay's dimples.

"Dinner?" Chakotay asked, extending his arm.

Kathryn rose from her desk, putting down her padd.

She smiled at him as they left the room, all thoughts of work forgotten.

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Long Day

Tom Paris was tired.  He'd been stuck with a double bridge duty and he was totally fed up with watching the starscape on the viewscreen.  The day had been uneventful and he had had nothing to do.

He walked into his quarters and ordered a cup of coffee from the replicator.  Then he walked through into the sleeping area.

The mug of coffee fell to the floor and his mouth hung open in shock.

B'Elanna was lying on his bed in a short red silk nightgown that clung to every curve.

He grinned at the sight.  He wasn't tired anymore.

Top / © 9th November 1999

Lady In Red

"Dance?" Chakotay asked as he extended his hand to Kathryn, grinning and then bowing slightly in jest.

Kathryn stood and curtsied as best she could in her long red dress.  "How very gallant," she remarked, patting Chakotay's cheek affectionately.

Chakotay pulled Kathryn close to him, glad for the time alone together, a rare commodity of late.  She rested her cheek against his chest and he lay his head atop hers, enjoying the feel of her silky hair on his cheek.

Sandrine, the holographic barmaid, smiled and watched from the shadows as Chakotay danced with his 'Lady In Red'.  Their destiny.

Top / © 5th November 1999

Silent Observations

The crew think that I don't know because I don't feel.  They are wrong: I know, I feel but I hide feelings.

They think that I am as blind to the love between our commanding officers as they themselves are but I'm not.  I understand more than they do.

They are almost Vulcan in their desire and struggle to suppress emotions, stronger feelings than I've seen in humans.  But they cannot.  Their feelings are plain to see by all but each other it seems.

They are blind for if they see that their feelings are returned then their emotions win.

Top / © 11th October 1999


What is a hobby?  Something that you enjoy and that you spend a lot of time doing.  That's my opinion anyway.

My favourite hobby is watching Kathryn sleep.  She looks so young and vulnerable.  Her face is one of absolute peace as she lies here in my arms.  Her captain's mask falls away and only Kathryn is left, radiant and beautiful.  Her soft creamy skin is worry free. The starlight picks out stands of her beautifully soft auburn hair and it seems to surround her like the halo of an angel.

And so I lie here and watch her sleep.

Top / © 9th October 1999

I Love You

I love you.

You don't realise it, but I do.  I always have.  I always will.  I love everything about you.  Your sense of humour, the sound of your voice, your tattoo, those damn sexy dimples that you always flash when you smile.

I shouldn't tell you this.  It's not allowed.  Against the rules.  But I can't help feeling the way I do.  I sit next to you on the bridge everyday, going silently crazy as I battle with the urge to grab you, kiss you, love you; surrender to my feelings.  I'm ready.

But do you still love me?

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