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  • February 24th 2008 13:42
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11x Disney
1x Ever After

Take what you like but please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net if you use any.  Do not alter.

#1-4 were entered in Disney Rumble.  #1 won first place in #1.4.  #2 won third place in #1.5.  #3 won second place in #1.8.

#5-8 were made for the Disney Ladies Icontest 100 Icons Project: sidekick, forest, tragedy, forgiveness

#9-12 were entered in Disney Ladies Icontest Becoming Real special challenge: make two icons of the same scene, the first animated and the second real
#10 is Scarlett Johanssonn from a photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz.  #12 is from Ever After.